Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Placard!

Terms & Conditions refers to the agreement between you and Placard regarding the use of the software, Placard. By downloading and using the app Placard, you agree to these terms & conditions.

What we Provide

Placard is a tool for the people who love MUN, and strives to make the MUN experience more fluid and dynamic. The features we provide includes but not limited to:

What you can’t do

As much as we love to provide these services, there are few commitments that are required to create a safe and best environment for the app and achieve the purpose of Placard.

Permission from you

In addition, there are some permissions we need from you.

Terminating your Account

If we find out that your account has violated any of the terms above, we have the right to terminate your account without prior notice and permission.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this terms and conditions, You can contact us through placardmun@gmail.com