About Us

How It Started

Placard started as a basic app for only-chair to manage and record data of delegate's performances. Its main goal was to simplify the hard work of the chairs to focus more on the quality of the conference. However, after the pandemic, it became clear that chairing application needs to evolve to support both delgates and chairs. This is why now, we support connection between delgates and chairs online. Another important feature that we strived for was the intuitive, simplified UI and reduce excessively complicated features, to boil down the app to its essense. This brings Placard to you!

For Everyone

We know that many of the users of Placard is going to be students. You may be joining a conference, hosting a conference, establishing a new conference, or even starting the first MUN club at your school! This means that the app needs to be accessible as possible, which lead to our decision to try and reduce the price to the limit. Hopefully, you can bring a more fruitful way to debate at your conference/school just for a price of a cup of coffee in a month or even free for many of the basic features!