Commercial Disclosure

Business Information

When the Subscription Start

The subscription should take place immediately after the purchase is confirmed. The application may have to be restarted for subscription to apply.

Cancellation Policy

The subscription can be cancelled anytime from the subscription tab of the app. The cancellation will take place immediately after the cancellation is confirmed, regardless of the left over days until the next payment date.

Price of Product

The price of the subscription is displayed in the pricing page and when purchased. Tax is included. Internet Connection fees and other fees relating to the use of internet may be needed to access the full application.

Timing of Payment

Placard offers a monthly subscription service. Placard also provide a two week free trial after the subscription is requested. As soon as the free trial is expired, the monthly fee will be charged automatically and repeatedly on the same date of the next month until cancelled. The payment date is displayed in the subscription tab in the app along with the lastest payment date.

Method of Payment

Payment is available through Credit cards.

Refund Policy

No refund is accepted regardless of the buyer's circumstances once the subscription is purchased.

If the subscription is not functioning even after purchasing, please contact the email above.